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Our firm's law practice is concentrated in helping seriously injured clients make a financial recovery for the harms and losses they have sustained. Claims can arise out of car accidents, workplace and construction site injuries, dangerous conditions on premises, defective products, medical negligence, drunk drivers, and any of the myriad ways that serious personal injuries can occur. Information on our various practice areas is available below. Larrimore & Farnish promises to provide you with personalized attention to enable you to recover full and fair compensation for your injuries.

Motor Vehicle Crashes

  • Car Acccidents
  • Bus and Train Accidents
  • Motorcycle, Bicycle and Pedestrian Injuries

Car Accidents

Our society is heavily dependent on automobiles and invariably two or more vehicles come together with resulting injuries to the drivers and passengers. Statistics compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show that over 30,000 people die each year on our nation's highways.

The attorneys at Larrimore & Farnish have successfully handled thousands of claims arising out of car crashes, as well as collisions involving other vehicles, including trucks, bicycles, trains, and large tractor trailers. We have a reputation for achieving excellent recoveries for our clients. Our experience includes all types of vehicular crashes, including everything from rear end or head on collisions, sideswipes, intersectional accidents, design defect claims against PennDOT and local governments, tractor trailer crashes, railroad crossing cases, and product liability claims against the manufacturers of the vehicles.

Bus and Train Accidents

In our urban society, many individuals are also injured while they are passengers on various types of public transportation. We are experienced in handling claims against SEPTA, PATCO and Amtrak, claims against various taxi companies and claims for recoveries on behalf of anyone injured while riding as a paying passenger in a bus or train or any vehicle owned or operated by another. There are special laws and regulations that are important in claims against common carriers and transportation authorities and our attorneys have the knowledge necessary to aid you in such claims.

Motorcycle, Bicycle and Pedestrian Injuries

Larrimore & Farnish attorneys also have extensive experience in making financial recoveries to compensate pedestrians, motorcyclists or bicyclists who are hit by vehicles or sustain injuries. There are special rules of the road that set forth the rights and responsibilities of pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcyclists and these individuals frequently sustain injuries that are far more severe than automobile drivers. We have the experience to help you determine your rights and to obtain maximum compensation for the injuries you receive when you are injured on our roads.

Premises Liability Claims

  • Dangerous Property Conditions
  • Slip & Fall Injuries
  • Sidewalk Falldowns

Premises Liability

Property owners have a responsibility to make their property safe and to provide a secure walking surface to those lawfully walking upon their premises. When property is negligently constructed or maintained, accidents happen and the resulting injuries can be devastating to those who are hurt. Under certain circumstances, the possessor of land has a duty to inspect the land to ensure that it is safe for those who might be expected to come onto the land. These duties apply to individuals and companies who own the property, but also to cities, townships and the Commonwealth, although there are particular laws which control claims against the Commonwealth or political subdivisions. If you receive injuries on property that is owned by another individual, company or government entity, contact us and let us help you determine your rights to recover compensation for your injuries.

The attorneys at Larrimore & Farnish hire expert architects and engineers to study the conditions of the property where our clients were injured to evaluate whether a property owner has violated national standards and safety codes. These regulations and building codes were created to ensure safety for our citizens, and a violation of these duties frequently results in serious injuries. Utilizing photographs and on-site inspections, such experts are able to outline the specific problems in the design or maintenance of the property that caused or contributed to the injury.

The attorneys at Larrimore & Farnish are experienced in analyzing the cause of such injuries and in helping our clients obtain maximum compensation to help them recover financial stability and a return to normalcy following injury and disability from this type of trauma.

Slip and Fall Injuries

Claims against property owners frequently include slip-and-fall injuries, caused when a customer or person lawfully on the property sustains injuries from falling on ice, snow, water, wax, food, oil or some other slippery substance that makes the surface unreasonably dangerous to walk on. We have made recoveries for injuries sustained by individuals who trip and fall from holes or other dangerous irregularities in the surface that act as a trap for the unwary. Stairways with uneven steps or dangerous conditions frequently cause serious injuries when an individual falls and tumbles down multiple steps to the bottom.

Everyone in America has occasion to be lawfully on real property owned by another. When property is negligently constructed or maintained, accidents happen and the resulting injuries can be devastating to those who are hurt.

The attorneys in our firm have represented many individuals who have sustained debilitating injuries caused by falling on sidewalks, wet floors, steps and stairways and defectively maintained property. Property owners have the duty to maintain their property in a manner that will not present a dangerous condition to those who have a right to be on their property.

Workplace & Construction Site Injuries

  • On-the-job Accidents
  • Injuries at Work
  • Workers Compensation and Third Party Liability Claims

Workplace & Construction Site Injuries

Even though Pennsylvania has been successful in recent years in reducing the number of on-the-job injuries, there are still almost 90,000 workplace injuries a year reported under the Pennsylvnia workers' compensation law. Between 100 and 200 of our citizens die every year in on-the-job accidents. Construction site injuries often cause long term or permanent disability that will destroy the employees earning power for the remainder of his or her work life expectancy.

Although employees receiving minor injuries at work can frequently recover their compensation benefits without the need of an attorney, workers compensation "reforms" have made it difficult for seriously injured workers to obtain all of the compensation they deserve for the injuries that occur in their place of employment. The lawyers at Larrimore & Farnish are experienced in helping our clients obtain the maximum compensation they are entitled to under our workers' compensation laws.

Frequently, due to our extensive experience on behalf of our clients, the attorneys at Larrimore & Farnish are also able to recover additional funds, over and above workers compensation benefits, on behalf of our clients arising out of their workplace injuries. Although Workers Compensation is the sole and exclusive recovery from the employer, on-the-job accidents can arise out of defectively maintained property, and the owner of the building may be responsible. In many other instances we discover that these injuries arose out of defective machinery or the negligence of others who are not protected by workers comp immunity. Where there is equipment that is defectively designed or manufactured, or where there is a lack of necessary warnings, we have been able to make additional recoveries for out clients from the equipment manufacturer.

If you are injured at your place of employment, you need to consult with an attorney for guidance on the workers compensation benefits you are entitled to receive, and to ensure that you do not miss an opportunity to recover additional compensation from non-employers who contributed to the happening of your accident. The lawyers at Larrimore & Farnish have many years of experience in helping our clients make the maximum possible recoveries for their injuries.

Drunk Driving Accidents

  • Dram Shop & Liquor Liability Claims

Dram Shop & Liquor Liability Claims

Alcohol related car crashes and trucking accidents are all far too common, as are the traumatic brain injuries, paralysis, quadriplegia, amputations, or wrongful deaths that result from accidents caused by drunk or impaired driving. Sadly, each year thousands of individuals are killed due to alcohol related accidents. The National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration has determined that two people die every hour from alcohol related car crashes.

But often the drunk driver is not the only responsible party. In Pennsylvania and New Jersey, liquor liability laws assign liability to servers of alcohol to someone who is a minor or who is visibly intoxicated. The Dram Shop laws of both states can make the bars or other drinking establishments liable when the continue to serve drinks to patrons who should have been flagged, with the result that they have blood alcohol content (BAC) levels far above the legal limit when they drive and cause harm to others.

The attorneys at Larrimore & Farnish have made many successful recoveries for our clients from the insurance carriers who provided Dram Shop or Liquor Liability coverage for bars, casinos, restaurants, country clubs, social clubs, and other purveyors of alcohol. Our verdicts or settlements have provided compensation for the injured victims of intoxicated motorists who caused the harm. Our investigation of such claims often uncovers evidence of negligence and violation of the law by the establishments that continued to serve alcohol to individuals after those patrons were visibly drunk. We have decades of experience handling these cases and know exactly where to look to maximize your recovery.

If you have suffered an injury that was caused by a drunk or impaired motorist, you may have a legal right to recover damages that far exceeds the liability limits of the driver's car insurance policy. It is crucial that you take immediate action to consult with an attorney to find out about your rights. Evidence from the bars where the driver was drinking must be preserved before it is lost forever. Even if you are not sure of the total extent of your injuries, you should immediately consult an attorney to determine what action needs to be taken now, before it is too late.

The attorneys at Larrimore & Farnish, L.L.P. provide free, no obligation, initial consultations. Most of our personal injury cases are handled on a contingent fee basis, which means that there is no attorney fee due unless the client receives a financial recovery through settlement of litigation.

Dangerous Products

  • Defective Products
  • Defective Designs
  • Defective Manufacturing
  • Breach of Warranty
  • Examples of Product Liability Claims
  • Steps to Take if Injured from a Defective Product

Defective Products

Manufacturers of dangerous products are liable for damages under product liability law. Liability actions can also be brought against anyone in the supply chain, including wholesalers, suppliers of component parts, or the retail store that sells the product to the consumer. Pennsylvania recognizes three possible claims arising out of defective products: negligence, breach of warranty, and strict liability. Strict liability is based on establishing that a defective product was unreasonably dangerous when sold. Each of the following is considered a potential claim for damages:

Defective Designs

A flaw in the design of a product making it unduly dangerous is one source of liability. Design defects occur when the engineering or design process used by a company to design a product is faulty, resulting in a product that is unnecessarily hazardous to consumers. With a design defect, all of the items that come off a company's assembly line are uniformly defective in the same way.

Defective Manufacturing

A product may have an acceptable design but still be defective if it is manufactured improperly. It may have become flawed during assembly from an error in the manufacturing process or from an attempt by the company to cut corners to save money. Since the product does not even meet the standards of the company’s own design, the manufacturer’s own documents can be used to prove that the product is defective.

Improper labels, unclear or incomplete instructions, or the lack of proper warnings to consumers about a product’s hidden dangers may also create liability. Pharmaceutical companies have faced product liability suits for not clearly warning consumers about possible dangerous side effects.

Breach of Warranty

In a breach of warranty action, a plaintiff can recover damages by demonstrating that a produce did not live up to the express or implied warranties that accompanied the product when marketed or sold. Products may be unreasonably dangerous for their intended use, or generally violate the implied warranty of merchantability. Product liability law ultimately leads to safer products, thereby providing benefits to all consumers in this country.

Examples of Product Liability Claims

Dangerous Drugs

When pharmaceutical giants Merck and Pfizer both developed a so-called “super aspirin” that could ease arthritic pain without the common stomach ailments that were common in similar medications, the marketing blitz was enormous. Both companies spent billions of dollars in advertising, and arthritis sufferers everywhere were told in magazines, newspapers, radio and television to ask their doctors about Vioxx or Bextra.

But both Merck and Pfizer covered up in-house studies that indicated that heart patients who took these drugs were risking an increased chance of heart attacks and strokes. The marketing campaign continued unabated for years while Merck and Pfizer stonewalled the FDA and buried the damaging reports. Merck finally pulled Vioxx off the shelves in 2004, while Bextra, which also has been linked to severe and sometimes fatal skin diseases was only recently recalled in late 2005.


In 1971, the A.H. Robbins Company released this Inter-Uterine Device (IUD) to American women with an enormous marketing campaign. At the height of its popularity, close to 3 million women were using the device. Within a year, A.H. Robbins was receiving complaints of women suffering from pelvic inflammatory disease and tubal infertility, as well as cases of ectopic pregnancies and septic abortions. After twelve Dalkon Shield-using women died, the device was finally pulled off the market in 1974. The fault lay in the design of the device, which left women vulnerable to bacterial infections.

More recently, Johnson and Johnson released the Ortho-Evra Birth Control Patch in 2002. This patch introduced a much higher level of estrogen into the body than conventional oral contraceptive methods, and this higher level of the hormone caused defensive clotting mechanisms in some of its users. These clots would travel throughout the body, which put the users at risks for heart attacks and strokes. Subsequently, the New York Post reported in September of 2004 that, according to internal FDA documents, 17 users of the patch had died of heart attacks since 2002.

Industrial Products

For years, contractors and construction and textile manufacturers used cancer-causing asbestos in their products. Asbestos damage can have a latency period of up to thirty years, and hundreds of construction and mill workers died of asbestos-related illnesses before Congress outlawed its use in 1970.

Steps to Take if Injured from a Defective Product

If you are injured by a defective product, it is important to gather as much information as soon as possible. Record what happened, get the names and phone numbers of any witnesses, and anything else you feel should be recorded. Take photographs of the product and the injuries. If at all possible, save the product and each of its parts. Having as much information as possible is incredibly helpful to you and your attorney during the claims process. The purchase of products should never be a gamble, and certainly shouldn’t put the lives of you and your loved ones at risk. If you have been involved in an incident with a product that should have been safe but wasn’t, call today for a free consultation.

It’s an important issue. Every year, Americans are injured or killed by products that were either poorly designed, poorly manufactured, or were improperly labeled. The National Consumer Product Safety Commission has a list of recalled products ranging from fireplaces to candles to lawnmowers.

Even though the national trend is often pro-business and anti consumer safety, the law still protects the rights of those who are injured by using products that are not safe for their intended purpose. Having an attorney with a proven track record of successful product liability cases is crucial to obtaining fair compensation for your injuries.

Medical Negligence & Hospital Liability

  • Medical Malpractice
  • Birth Trauma

Medical Malpractice

Unfortunately, medical negligence is a fact of life in today's medicine. A Harvard Medical Practice Study, reported in the New England Journal of Medicine, found that incidents of medical malpractice were frequent in the hospitals studied and there is a high toll of avoidable medical injury nationwide which can be inferred from this frequency rate. Medical errors are now the third leading cause of death in the United States, underscoring the need for patients to protect themselves and their families from harm.

The attorneys in our firm have investigated claims by individuals who have been injured from all types of medical negligence, including emergency room mistakes, birth trauma, misdiagnosis of cancer or other serious malpractice. We have made recoveries for clients sustaining serious injuries that were caused by medical errors occurring in hospitals, doctors' offices, as well as radiology and pathology labs.

Birth Trauma

Due to the devastating long-term implications of a birthing problem, the most serious incidents of medical negligence arise out of childbirth. Brain damaged babies may require a lifetime of rehabilitative and supportive care.

Our firm has enabled families to make a recovery through a special needs trust that will provide a source of funding for a lifetime of medical treatment, education, supportive care and assistance for the child, plus funds to enable the parents to hire nurses and 24 hour home care for their child.

Other Personal Injury Claims

  • Other Cases
  • Any Serious Injury & Disability Claim

Other Cases

Any Serious Injury & Disability Claim

For over 50 years, our firm has represented individuals who have sustained injuries as a result of another's careless, negligent or reckless acts. If you have suffered physical or emotional injuries due to the conduct of another, you may be entitled to bring a personal injury claim to recover compensation for your damages.

We have decades of experience in providing legal assistance to individuals who have suffered from the effects of a serious injury or disability, helping them to put some financial stability back into their lives by obtaining full and fair compensation from the responsible defendants and their insurance carriers.

The attorneys in the firm have obtained successful results for clients who have been victims of all types of trauma. If you have sustained serious injuries, let us evaluate the possible causes and the potential for a recovery on your behalf. We handle all aspects of injury claims, including litigation against the parties responsible for the injuries, workers' compensation claims, disability or medical insurance claims. We have litigated claims in the state and Federal courts in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey, and we have assisted our clients in finding the right attorney to represent them for injuries that occurred in many other states.

If you have suffered an injury that you believe resulted from another's conduct, negligence in causing a dangerous condition or in failing to act to prevent a dangerous condition, you may have a legal right to recover damages. It is crucial that you take immediate action to consult with an attorney to find out about your rights. The law imposes strict time deadlines on personal injury actions and if you fail to act in a timely manner, you may be barred from every pursuing your right to recovery. In certain cases, Pennsylvania law requires that an injured person give "notice" of their claim within a specific period of time, or the claim will be barred. In other instances, failure to notify the the state or local government or the appropriate insurance company of the claim, may limit your right to recover fully. Even if you are not sure of the total extent of your injuries, you should immediately consult an attorney to determine when your claim should be filed and whether "notice" is required. Delay in bringing your claim will not work to your advantage. Your claim should be investigated promptly and evidence must be gathered as quickly as possible.

The attorneys at Larrimore & Farnish, L.L.P. provide free, no obligation, initial consultations. Most of our personal injury cases are handled on a contingent fee basis, which means that there is no attorney fee due unless the client receives a financial recovery through settlement of litigation.

Let us be the bridge between your serious injury and the financial compensation that will help you put your life back together.